Slow Me Down - DSP plugin for Winamp 2 (freeware)


This plugin lets you slow down or even speed up the music by stretching it between -50% to 100%. Without changing the pitch!

You can also fine-tune the pitch in cents (100ths of a semi-tone) to suit your instrument.

Note 1: No Winamp DSP plugin works when playing CD's, only when playing mp3, wave files etc.

Note 2: This plugin does not work with Winamp 3 or higher - only works with Winamp 2.


Slow Me Down pluginWinamp


Download Slow Me Down plugin for Winamp 2 (50 Kb)


If you need more slowing down, more control, loop points etc, please check out our dedicated slow down software.


Amazing Slow Downer

A specialized CD and wave/mp3 player that lets you play and repeat any section of a track at a slower speed, without affecting the original pitch. It can also change the key up or down, and both these characteristics can be an ideal tool for musicians learning or transcribing. The system interface is intuitive, with buttons for playback and for setting start and stop times.