Sweet MIDI Arpeggiator - freeware

Older synthesizers had arpeggiators, and now new synths can have them too with Sweet MIDI Arpeggiator. This 'virtual arpeggiator' program contains four arpeggio objects that will arpeggiate all MIDI notes that pass through it.

With this program, you can change the arpeggio direction, number of octaves, and length of the arpeggiated notes. You can also modify the rhythm values of the arpeggiated notes and add another arpeggio object by choosing the same MIDI channel for the object.

The arpeggiators can run from the program's internal tempo engine or synchronize to other software that sends MIDI Clock messages. Settings can be saved for later loading. Sweet MIDI Arpeggiator features a clean-looking interface that shouldn't take too long to figure out.

Sweet MIDI Arpeggiator will work with all Windows programs that use standard Windows MIDI drivers.

Please go to the freeware page for downloading.