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Because of the huge amount of spam sent to Roni Music, always use the email address found at the bottom of this page when contacting us. This address will change regularly. Bookmark this page instead of keeping the address in the address book of your email software.

If you have technical problems with any of our software, please state the name and version number of the software and what operating system you are using (Windows 10, Mac OS X 10.14.6 etc.).

Important: Roni Music will move its office to a new location and will not be able to respond to your email as promptly as usual. Mail sent to Roni Music between July 17 and July 24 will NOT be responded to until after July 24. If you get error messages when using your Roni Music software, please redo the unlocking instructions, especially Step 1.
The online store is staffed as usual and you can place and receive your orders.
Thank you for your patience!

If clicking on the email link above does not start your email software (or if it's not displayed), please type the address below in your email software (it's displayed below as a graphic image so you can't click on it to send an email).

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