(single user license)

Amazing Slow Downer - Mac/Windows
$39.95 USD
Amazing Slow Downer - iOS (iPhone/iPad)
$14.95 USD
Amazing Slow Downer - Android
$9.95 USD
Ultimate DVD Player
$39.95 USD
Audio Companion
$14.95 USD
Decrackler Audio Plugin
$29.95 USD
Sweet MIDI Player Pro - Mac/Windows
$29.95 USD
Sweet MIDI Player - iPhone/iPad
$14.95 USD
Sweet Sixteen MIDI Sequencer for Windows
$29.95 USD
Sweet MIDI Converter
$14.95 USD

These prices, given in US-dollars act as a reference for most other currencies as well.

The prices have been set in order to give as many users as possible the chance to "do the right thing" and pay for the programs. They are professionally built, with quality and performance in mind, thus making them as good as any other alternative of today. The programs have been under constant development for soon 20 years and this development will continue.

Please note that our software are different products for Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad and Android and that licenses are not transferable between these different platforms. If you want to run our software on different operating systems then you need to buy each version separately.

The following is included in the price:
1. A user-license with a license-code, enabling you to remove any limitations in the trial version of the software.
2. Free support by e-mail for a minimum of seven years.
3. Free updates for a minimum of seven years.

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For multi user or school licenses - please contact us for further information.